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Our Future



Alchemist Materials combines Japan's cutting-edge environmental research with America's cutting-edge information technology to create unique and powerful projects. Our expertise in energy engineering and IT enables us to provide professional service to ambitious projects and move them towards a seamless transition to sustainable business.  

 Innovative hydrogen production 

​​Innovative new recycling process

Alchemist Material Current flagship programprojectis.  
We are developing a locally-produced, locally-consumed type of hydrogen production equipment that converts waste into hydrogen energy.


 The device does not require a large installation space.

Not limited to various plastics, it also supports wood and cardboard materials. No need to pelletize material.

All processes can be done in a normal factory or warehouse.


Ocean plastic problem

Much plastic waste ends up in the ocean untreated. Marine plastic also has serious impacts on fisheries, tourism and human health.

In the Indonesian market, we can calculate an equipment market of 2.6 trillion yen and an annual associated sales of 70 billion yen.


Hydrogen mixed gas is generated on-site from waste discharged from the local industrial park, and converted to energy by internal combustion engine power generation.

We are planning a demonstration that completes garbage disposal and energy creation locally without using logistics that consumes a lot of energy.

H2 Station

SOM(serviceable obtainable market)

The marine debris flowing out from Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States and Japan is 2 million tons, the equipment market is 4 trillion yen, and the associated spare parts, field service, and data business can be calculated at 1 trillion yen per year.


Our proposal aims to eliminate significant energy losses in logistics through the localization of waste management and hydrogen production.

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