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Waste into Hydrogen by de-centralized equipment

Waste problem evolves into business


Critical issues facing the world today

Worldwide waste and disposal energy are pressing issues. Urgent action is necessary for a sustainable future.

Protecting the future in 2050

We'll address waste and energy, leading the shift to a hydrogen society for a sustainable 2050 future.

climate change
due to greenhouse gases

Cut emissions, combat climate change for our planet's future. We take responsibility and acts.

Utilize waste

Efficient waste use protects the environment. Recycling and reusing are crucial for our future.

Solution by generating hydrogen

Hydrogen is a green, sustainable energy source. We'll actively produce and use it.


Hydrogen is the solution

Hydrogen is a green energy solution, emitting no CO2. It's highly anticipated for a cleaner future.



 It pollutes rivers with plastic waste and enters the stomachs of marine animals as microplastics.

we are game changers.

Our innovative technology leads the way to a circular plastic economy, turning plastic waste into tomorrow's energy. A new era approaches.


Our strengths

one-of-a-kind player

Bringing advanced US semiconductor tech to Japan's established gasification expertise.

Beyond equipment business model

Using Japan-U.S. deep tech, we've created an ESG-driven business model with unique hardware data.




Launching Southeast Asia recycling project: turning industrial park waste into local energy. Tackling energy shortages, waste, and boosting the economy for sustainability.

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