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      At Alchemist Material, we fuse Japan’s advanced environmental research and America’s cutting-edge information technology to create unique and powerful projects. With our expertise in energy engineering and IT, we are able to provide professional services to ambitious projects, and move them towards a seamless transition into a sustainable business. 


Revolutionary Hydrogen Production in California

Our current flagship project at Alchemist Material. 
We are developing small H2 production equipment that converts wastes to H2 energy.


There are many advantages to this technology.
Firstly, the equipment does not require a large installation space.
Furthermore, it is not limited to a variety of plastics, but also wood and cardboard materials. It does not require materials to be pelletized.
All processes can take place in a regular factory or warehouse.

The implications of the hydrogen produced by our method are significant, as it can be used as H2 energy or converted to other energy sources.
This innovative recycling process where you can process wastes and utilize the generated energy in the same place is our vision at Alchemist Material.


We are going to start in California and then expand the business worldwide.

Alchemist Material Data Platform

We track recycling data and make the H2 recycling more valuable.

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