At Alchemist Material, we fuse Japan’s advanced environmental research and America’s cutting-edge information technology to create unique and powerful projects. With our expertise in project management and IT, we are able to provide professional services to ambitious projects, and move them towards a seamless transition into a sustainable business. 

Image by Alex Knight

Green Hydrogen in California

Our current flagship project at Alchemist Material. Together with our partner companies, the focus on converting plastic waste into clean hydrogen forms one of our primary visions for the future.

Plastic waste management is an ever-pressing environmental concern here in California, and thus both a necessary and accessible fuel source. We are developing the IT infrastructure to make this possible. 
It is our mission to make this project successful and spread the business model to the rest of the world.

Medical Professional

Reusable PPE

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive demand for PPE, and with it has come to an often unrecognized overflow of waste, burdened by its limitation of being single-use. Utilizing our reusable, washable PPE products will greatly contribute to the reduction of the waste plastics  disposed of in large quantities every single day. This PPE is made of eco-friendly material and will be offered to health institutions worldwide. We also provide a new smartphone application that can effectively track the washing count for its user. Lastly. the discarded PPE plastic can further be utilized as a source of hydrogen energy, once their lifetime is over.

Image by Jonathan Borba

E-waste Recycling


The limitations of rare and precious metals have perpetuated a shortage in the world's ability to freely produce computers and other everyday electronics. Solutions to remedy the reality that there simply is not enough of these rare metals in the planet have been a pressing issue over the past decade. Rather than to negligently continue to mine the valuable metals, Alchemist Material is looking to establish a system in which we can extract back the used metals from old and unused electronics, and effectively recycle them.